Adsense Money – Setting Up My First Site

One of the most difficult steps to take when trying to make money with Adsense is finding a profitable niche where you can build a website that will attract sufficient numbers of traffic.

I’m going to avoid the ‘Finding A Niche’ step with my first proper Adsense site as I already have a site up which I built last year to do affiliate marketing with. The project didn’t work Is Lucky Day App A Scam? out as I had planned but the site is prefect for a little ‘Make Money With Adsense‘ project seeing as it is in a high traffic niche with high cost per click and the site has potential to do well in the search engine results pages.

I’m only going to mention the niche I’m targeting once in this post because I want Google to understand this site is purely about how to make money online. If I start mentioning too many unrelated keywords early on in the life of this site I might confuse Google, and we can’t have that!

So I’m going to get started off on my Adsense adventure with a Payday Loans site which was originally built to promote a product from commission junction. This was really my first ever attempt to make money online but I realized soon after I started that the niche was way too hard to crack for an Internet marketing newbie like myself.

I did all the standard SEO stuff like submitting the site to directories, article marketing, social bookmarking and building a small network of free sites to link back to the main site. In the end, with all my work I managed to get 100 clicks through my affiliate links and a grand total of zero sales. I threw some Adsense ads up in a desperate attempt to salvage some money from my work but with very low traffic it was apparent I wasn’t going to get rich any time soon so I moved on to something else.

The interesting thing about the site was that it was obvious straight away that if I could just funnel a decent chunk of traffic to the pages it definitely had the potential to make money from adsense clicks as both CPC and click through rate were high. The site went on the back burner anyway as I felt I would be unable to generate the traffic needed.

Step forward to today and I’ve decided to get serious and try to make money with Adsense. Since this site is already up and running and Google knows it exists I thought I’d give it another chance to bring me in the big bucks. As luck would have it the site seems to have jumped up the Google search engine results pages a little over the past week and I’m actually getting a few visitors a day at the moment. With concerted effort on my part I reckon I can turn this one into a nice little earner. If nothing else we will gain some valuable experience in the process.

The site as it stands today:

Here’s how the site is doing in the SERPS for a few select keywords:

The structure of the site up this point has been as follows: