Instantmoneybets review

Hello, everyone. It was a rather busy day for me today, got exhausted by the end of the day, but we are getting started. As I promised yesterday today I am going to review another program which might be really interesting to you, I am talking about Instantmoneybets. It’s not a newly created program but I am sure you somehow know Is Inbox Dollars Legit? about it already and even might have obtained certain experience with them. Nevertheless I think this review and the upcoming interview is somewhat worth taking a quick look at.

Instantmoneybets is one of those type of programs representing sure bet trading concept which has become extremely popular over the last year along with arbitrage betting and traditional forex trading. A catchy layout and a licensed Goldcoders script is something I learned first. The program is hosted on a dedicated server with SSL certificate installed on it and I absolutely suspect they use DDoS protection but I didn’t find out which one. Well, I will ask the admin, Michael, to provide more details on that since it seems he made great improvement by moving his site to a dedicated server and a licensed script version after he had some issues some time ago.

Instantmoneybets offers a broad spectrum of payment options like Libertyreserve, Alertpay, Perfectmoney and Ecumoney. As you can see from the website the admin also claims to accept Globaldigitalpay and bankwire options and has some intentions to add even more e-currencies like Strictpay for example soon. Let’s just wait till the interview is accomplished and published to find out the exact info.

What and for how long are you going to earn if you join Instantmoneybets? There are 4 investment plans available which in fact can meet any requirements. There is a short term plan which will pay you 1.2% daily for 5 days which makes up a total of 106% return on expiry. The minimum amount you are allowed to spend on this plan is $75 and the max is $1000.

Alternatively you can get 1.9% daily for 42 days with a $10 minmium and $10000 max, 2.23% for 120 days with $20 min and $7500 max and lastly 18.2% weekly for 202 days with $50 min and $15000 max spends allowed. So you can choose between daily plans of different duration and a weekly plan. My thought is that the first and the second would be the most reasonable and thus popular plans among investors. BTW if you are planning to promote the program then a 5% affiliate bonus will be applied to you.

If you like Skype and Yahoo messenger then support assistance is going to be really smooth for you as you can chat and maybe even talk to Michael using these features available on site of Instantmoneybets, however email responses didn’t take long either, at least in my case.

Just yesterday while I was planning my the MMS schedule for today Michael sent out a newsletter which in my opinion is going to make a nice conclusion to this review.

BIG Sound from IMB today again.
We have now over 1270 happy Members and we have paid over 60.000$.

Today we have added the Payment Processor EuroGoldCash.
But we have removed HD-Money and Bank Wire at the moment.

Also yesterday we have started again to post our daily bets and the results.

For all Members with an old Global Digital Pay Deposit, please use to withdraw your funds “Old Global Digital Pay Deposits ” and dont forget to write your GDP Account Number into the Comment field.

This are the short and quick News for today.

All the Best,

Michael and Staff